You’re ready to scale, want to make more money, and need to learn how to protect your time.

Your business has gained traction and has a minimum viable product but still has growing to do. The business delivers, but sometimes inconsistently or chaotically. It reaches some targets but with many manual steps. 

You know that to scale up you need to reduce chaos and deliver consistently but need help to get the right tactics and tools implemented.

What We Do

At Otium, we help entrepreneurial business owners make money and save time by automating sales, marketing and operations processes. Driven by the blueprint of Lifecycle Marketing and brought to life with CRM technologies, we help deliver customer journeys consistently, easily and profitably.

How We Do It

We believe that every customer is on a journey. Is it one of your own design? Is it repeatable, scalable and profitable?

Sales and Marketing Automation is a combination of strategies and technology tools that deliver consistent and profitable customer experiences. We act as your guide and implementation partner as you find ways to automate your business. 

We teach and coach entrepreneurs who want to grow. There are no tricks involved, only real work tactics. We work to continuously improve with each round of implementation. 

Cameron Tulloch

Sales and Marketing Automation Expert

Cameron has conducted more than 6000 one-on-one consultations with current and prospective business owners. He has extensive experience working with lean business experiments and business-enabling technologies for Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation and Operations. Cameron is passionate about working to support entrepreneurs who want to build and scale their ideas.

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